MOLLITIAM is a Spanish company specialized in the design and development of software for cyber intelligence with application in Homeland Security (HLS) and Homeland Defense (HLD).

MOLLITIAM software has been already used in cyber intelligence operations by law enforcement and intelligence agencies, public and military institutions and private national and international companies.

MOLLITIAM provides modular software solutions for the generation of strategic, operational an tactical cyber intelligence in two complementary areas (OSINT and COMINT).

Through invisible data capture, management and active security capabilities in the context of the cyberspace and encrypted telecommunications, MOLLITIAM allows decision makers to identify, anticipate, degrade or neutralize potential attacks from connected targets.

(Open Source Intelligence)

PHOENIX CYBERINTELLIGENCE DIGITAL PLATFORM is a modular massive monitoring system to produce intelligence from the anonymous download of unstructured data coming from Social Networks, Darknets and Deep web.

(Communication Intelligence)

MOLLITIAM COMINT modular solutions cover the complete interception process improving the operations result and resources optimization.

With this technology MOLLITIAM goes one step forward turning unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds that can be consumed on demand.

Easily plug into intelligence solutions for analysts to focus on analysis and not on data collection.