Cyberintelligence Tools

MOLLITIAM technology is proprietary and developed by our R&D department. It provides the ability to capture relevant information from networks and other sources (open sources public, non-public or resulting from interception actions of communications) to generate cyberintelligence as a basis for decision making.

Faced with the need of responding to new threats and attacks in a context of limited human resources and capacities, the tools developed by MOLLITIAM can automate the capture of information from networks and its transformation into intelligence (OSINT, DeepWeb, Darknet, etc.).

In addition and for certain situations, MOLLITIAM has developed interception and system penetration technologies that provide access to more relevant information at the appropriate time, thus making it a major asset in the production of intelligence in the fight against crime and for National Security.


Training and Instruction

MOLLITIAM proposes different areas in training and instruction intented to cover the cyberintelligence process with the objective of providing the qualified personnel of institutions and organizations with the necessary capabilities in the areas of collection, exploitation and analysis of information for the production of intelligence, up to the planning and structuring of cyberoperations.

MOLLITIAM makes available all the experience and lessons learned over 15 years of cybernetic operations, high level training (strategic, doctrinal, planning, methodology and process design) to high performance operational (comprehensive design of cyber operations, attack vector designs, tactical, technical and technological training and instruction).


Cyberintelligence Services

Services designed for the surveillance, monitoring and interception of information in order to generate intelligence for decision making in the face of potential vulnerabilities, threats or risks.

MOLLITIAM enables the access and analysis of critical information through automated solutions in the field of cyberintelligence, counter-intelligence and offensive security, with the goal of increasing interception, monitoring and response capabilities in the areas of cybersecurity and cyberdefense.


Special Projects

Special projects aimed to create, improve or enhance a civil or military capability in the field of cybersecurity, cyberintelligence or cyber-response.

MOLLITIAM CYBERINTELLIGENCE has the experience to design, plan and execute policies and projects for the development of capabilities in the field of cyberspace, from the strategic, organizational, processes and doctrine, to the tactical, technical and technological.


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